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24 June 2024

Golfers love to bomb shots off the tee with a solid drive, but if your approach shots aren’t up to scratch, you’re going to be missing the green, and giving yourself less of a chance of playing well and lowering your handicap.

It’s a horrible feeling when you catch a bad bounce and your ball sails wayward off the green. But on the other hand, it’s an amazing feeling when you launch it just right and the ball comes to nestle itself down near the flagstick.

Have you ever stopped to think how often you make a green in regulation? You may have some misconceptions about how regularly you’re making if from the fairway directly onto the green.


If you're playing off a handicap of 20 and you make 5 GIR, you're really playing to a handicap of 15.



The data really shows us that hitting it that much closer on our approach shots will be hugely beneficial to your score and overall handicap. If we hit the ball closer with our golf irons in the first place, we’ll be setting ourselves up in a much better position to putt on the green.


Finding the fairway


The secret to having the best approach shot lined up is to make sure you find the fairway off the tee. It can be tempting to always reach for the big stick ahead of teeing off to get the most distance, but you may want to size down a club or two if your target is to set yourself up nicely in the fairway.

The next time you’re wanting to land neatly down the middle, why not take a smaller wood or even a hybrid? Sacrificing a bit of distance in return for greater accuracy can be a real benefit when it comes to setting yourself up with a great second shot.


We’ve got some fantastic summer competitions ahead of us, and if your golf irons are looking a little worse for wear, you’re not going to be playing to your best ability. Heading out with some new gear will put you in with a much better chance pulling off successful approach shots and landing your ball safely on the green.

We’re open and available in the pro shop should you be looking to come to grips with some new kit. With the latest clubs from PING in your hands, you’ll be striking it true time and again.


PING G430 golf irons

PING makes some of the best golf irons you can buy, and one of their recent releases, the G430, is a truly exceptional golf iron.

They’ve been one of the biggest brands in the golf market for decades, and the PING G430 iron is the result of decades of innovation. The club features PING’s PureFlex face that has seven flex zones that will give you faster ball speeds on impact. You’ll find shaft tip and toe tungsten weights to offer more forgiveness, and the sole design ensures a clean strike through the fairway on every stroke.

This iron will help you play better golf out on the course, and have you looking good while doing it. The G430 iron has a stunning Hyrdopearl 2.0 Chrome finish that ensures you’ll have a consistent performance even in wet conditions. With a shorter hosel and clean view at address, you’ll be approaching every shot with confidence.

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PING Blueprint golf irons

If you’re an adept ball striker and like to seek the pin out on every green, the latest Blueprint irons from PING will help you place the ball just where you want it.

The PING Blueprint T iron is a solid blade that’s been constructed from a single piece of carbon steel. You’ll find precision-milled grooves on the face that offer an ideal launch and oodles of spin for players looking for pinpoint control. The narrow sole will provide you with a consistent turf interaction, and the despite the accuracy-enhancing weights in the head, this is a purely forged, great-feeling iron.

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Differing slightly from the T model, the Blueprint S iron features a split-set construction that includes a pocket being forged into the cavity. This process saves weight in the clubhead to optimise both accuracy and launch. There’s also an elastomer insert in the 3-5 irons that will give you a similar sound and feel as found in a forged players iron.

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We have these fantastic golf irons available to try right now in the pro shop, so why not visit us and have a go? Whatever golf gear you’re currently on the hunt for, we’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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